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In The Beginning.....

"With the development of commercial air services (and radio) in the 1930s came the need for a supporting ground organisation.

This need was reinforced by the tragic losses of the first ANA's Avro X Southern Cloud in 1931, Airlines of Australia's Stinson VH-UHH in 1937 and the second ANA's DC3 Kyeema in 1938.

At first marine radio stations were used for communication with aircraft, but soon a dedicated air traffic services organisation was established, one that continues to play a vital role in safe air transport today."

..courtesy of the Airways Museum Website

LATEST NEWS ........


Dave Holmes advised that Kevin (KG) Coomber (ex FSO Sydney) had passed away on Wednesday morning 13/9/17

More details to follow soon in RIP after login.


John Cooper, ex-Sydney Flight Service passed away suddenly on 5th September. John was also the main driver and organiser for the annual FS/ATO/Com/ADSO reunions.

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In 2015, I was commissioned by Airservices Australia to investigate twenty-one former Flight Service locations within Australia. Of these, only six are still owned by Airservices, and the only one to retain any semblance of having been an FSU is at Wagga Wagga. Such features as the sound-deadening panels on the walls, original lighting fittings and outlets to teletype, clocks, etc all coincide with cotemporary photos taken when the Unit was in operation.

The building is now used as a technical maintenance centre by Airservices staff.

Further investigation revealed that the building is said to have been moved there from Holbrook, around 1954, and that a long-term Groundsman at Wagga Wagga was involved in the move.

Were this to be the case, the historical significance of the building would be considerably enhanced, as Holbrook was the first of the seventeen standard Aeradio stations to have been equipped and operated by AWA in 1939. It was used to train the first intake of Aeradio Operators in 1939. Thus, the building would not only be a significant reminder of the Flight Service era, but would extend back to the origins of Aeradio in 1939.

By superimposing the plan layout of the Holbrook building on that of the Wagga Wagga building, and noting the ceiling line, it is quite conceivable that they are indeed one and the same building.

I have not been able to find any firm evidence that the Holbrook Aeradio building (decommissioned in 1952) was moved to Wagga. Can any subscribers to Listening Watch shed any light on this query, please?

My email address is [email protected]

Roger Meyer
(President, Civil Aviation Historical Society / Airways Museum)


Fred has kindly attached a number of historical photos that you may like to see. After login and proceeding to the Main Menu page, click on Photo Gallery and then look for Fred's folder, you may have to go to the second page of the Gallery.

FLIGHT SERVICE UNIT on Thursday Island (TI) in late 1970s

Hello Damien,
I did a 2-year stint as OTC Coastal Radio Radio Officer on TI from 1975-1977. At that time we had a dual role as we also manned the DCA Flight Service Unit on TI.

In 1977 this FSU closed and Weipa took over.

I am after somebody that knows what sort of equipment DCA used on TI and its frequencies. I do remember that we worked the aircraft on a VHF frequency.
Receivers were rackmounted nearby but HF transmitters were on Milmann Hill in the weather burea station and remotely controlled.
Maybe a DCA technical officer that used to service the equipment on TI could help.
What was the standard VHF frequency ground-to-air at that time?

I have been in contact with Roger Meyer of the Aviation Museum but I understand he is on holidays.
Would it be best to await his return?

Herman Willemsen
OTC Coastal Radio Officer

Editors Note: Anyone??????


It is with sadness we report the following recent passings :

Kerry Rorison -- Dave McDonell -- Russell Chalmers
Warren Tulk -- Jack Kleinhanss -- Wayne Hedges
Robin Bridger -- Tom Crogan -- Terry Hine
Steve Mahoney -- Barry Hayward -- Graham "Sandy" McNab
Steve Aiberti -- Lawrence Passmore -- Alec Lee
Trevor Schwarz -- Sid Goodwin -- Fred Kluth
Ron Foale -- John Birt -- Alan Pedersen
Alan Clayton --- John Cooper --- Kevin Coomber

Details are available in the RIP Section.